Honey (01.04.19)

My sun and moon

You illuminate my world, every darkest crevice is brought to the light.

Like a child in a candy store, you’re my own personal heaven.

Your name is honey on my tongue

I’ve never tasted something so sweet.

Your voice ignites butterflies that flutter in the cage of my ribs.

Your lips leave a trail down my body, your path marks prickles on my skin, following behind your touch.

Your hands move as if they know their destination.

My body an old back road.

Your eyes hold mine, steady.

And our breath becomes one.

Your name is all I can think to say.

You’ve consumed all body, mind, and soul.

Your mind searches me

But for what?

I can feel you pull me closer.

My body burns for your touch.

With you, time stands still.

And I’m reminded why you are my greatest weakness

As your tongue dances across mine

Tasting just like honey.


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