12.22.2018 (12:09AM)

At night I get this feeling close to nausea.

Maybe I didnt drink enough water.

Maybe I moved too quickly.

Maybe I ate too much.

Maybe I’m homesick.

And by home, I mean you.


But not sick OF you.

Sick without you.

Not physically but mentally.

As if my home IS you

And I’m missing its security.

And its not like I lost you in any way.

That would be a whole other sickness I would bare.

But instead you fell asleep

After a phone call that lasted nearly two hours of pure ramblings.

And I’m wide awake, awestruck by you.

600 miles away and in love with every bit of us.

I should be dreaming but

You make my life a dream already.

And sure we have our tiffs.

But we have never failed to power through.

I love us. I would do anything for us.

And the most reassuring part is that you would too.

Only two days until I’m in your arms again.

Only two days until I’m back home.


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