I’ve grown up in a house of pure chaos.

So chaotic that it was masked perfectly by a delusion called confusion.

Let me explain

All my life I was taught to say this and

Do that.

Dont think this but

You need to think that

ALWAYS lacking an open mind

Because an open mind got punished for asking questions.

Questions that begin with

“What if…” or


And punishment may not have been harsh physically — I got my fair share of beatings in a household owned by my father (or lack thereof) — but instead it was psychologically twisted.

Where the walls were the floors and if you stepped on a window, it would become an exposure.

But my family, you see, doesn’t like the sunlight.

Like a cacti, they don’t need constant watering to stay alive, but instead they prefer a drought.

So you must imagine their surprise when a sunflower wilts without it’s water source.

You see

My family is filled with half-hearted smiles and pretty family portraits.

But in reality, if we unmask the faces and reveal a true emotion, the cover is blown and the only ones left are Him and Her.

While the rest of us walk around with sore cheeks from the publicity of acting like the All American Family.

Lies and truth blur and I’m blindfolded and told to pick one and stick with it.

But the twist is: the truth is only their truth and the lie is the truth being withheld.

Are you confused yet?

Welcome to my own personal hell.


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